Google map of places people have already searched for Forrest Fenn’s Treasure

Anyone who has been BOTG (Boots on the ground) who would like to share where they have already searched for the Forrest Fenn treasure can use this map to add locations they have already searched.

The goal here is to keep track of places that have already been searched by me and others so people can know where others have tried and failed.

I believe if we all team up and help each other that one day someone can find the Treasure chest. By eliminating areas already searched we can narrow down the search for each other.

In the map below, simply add a pin where you think Warm Waters Halt (Red Pins) with a description of why you think that and then add a pin to each area you searched (Blue Pins) with a description of how and why you searched that area.

If you are not sure how to use this map, Simply submit your coordinates and description of the place in the comments section and I or someone else will add it for you.

I have added 5 layers so far.

Airports: Some think the location is near an airport.

Car Rentals: Some think Forrest may have rented a car.

Camp Grounds: Some think it may be located close to a camp ground.

Hot Springs: Some think Where Warm Waters Halt is a hot spring.

Where others have already searched: Please help by adding places you have already searched and have not found the treasure.


One thought on “Google map of places people have already searched for Forrest Fenn’s Treasure”

  1. Would be great if someone could add an elevation layer that shades anything above 10200′ and below 5000 feet. I have tried and cannot figure it out. It’s above me. lol

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